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"The Largest
Pumpkin Patch

In South Texas!"


In 2001, The T-Ranch was founded by Joe and Christina Treviño.

Joe and Christina, accompanied by their three daughters Samantha, Andrea, Sarah, and son Christian began the T-Ranch Pumpkin Patch in 2019. What once started as a 75-acre working cattle ranch has now grown into the largest pumpkin patch in South Texas.

The T-Ranch is located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley and serves as a little slice of heaven for family, friends, and guests to enjoy. In addition to red brangus cattle, the ranch houses Texas longhorns, jacob's sheep, nigerian dwarf goats, jerusalem donkeys, rio grande turkeys, potbellied pigs, chickens, ponies, and a llama. Our fully stocked pond enhances the beauty of our ranch and sets us apart from other pumpkin patches in the Rio Grande Valley.

Our family is dedicated to giving back to our community and strives to create wonderful memories for every guest that visits The T-Ranch Pumpkin Patch.



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