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Looking for a place to take stunning fall photos? The T-Ranch welcomes amateurs and professionals to capture precious moments in front of our photo displays and natural scenery.

Photography: Vendors


  • Photographers are NOT required to book reservations for photo sessions with the T-Ranch. Photo sessions must be arranged by the photographer and their client(s). 

  • The T-Ranch is not accepting private photo sessions (outside of pumpkin patch business hours) during the fall season. 

  • Photo sessions must take place during business hours only. Visitors are not allowed on T-Ranch property before or after business hours. 

  • We do not require an ADDITIONAL photography fee. All photographers and visitors must pay the general admission fee at the main entrance to enter. Kids 2 and under are free. 

  • We kindly ask that you tag the T-Ranch and our location when posting pictures on social media.

  • Be mindful of lines that may form at the main entrance and photo displays. A T-Ranch employee will monitor photo displays to ensure flow and prevent backlog. 

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow public areas to be reserved, closed or blocked during a photo session or special occasion. The T-Ranch reserves the right to halt any photo sessions or special event deemed to be disruptive to other visitors. 

  • Our staff is not responsible for directing clients to your exact location. Make sure your clients have your cell phone number so that they can contact you upon their arrival.

  • Photographers and visitors will be held accountable for their actions and those of clients, crew members and subjects if they damage T-Ranch facilities and property.

  • LIABILITY: The T-Ranch assumes no responsibility for personal injury or loss, theft, or damage to equipment or other property while at the T-Ranch. 

  • We recommend scheduling photo sessions on Fridays to avoid crowds.


  • Enter or place anything in the pond.

  • Enter any of the areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, or areas with working ranch equipment. Working ranch equipment is NOT for play or photographs. 

  • Disturb or pick any flowers, pampas grass, vegetation, crops, displays, etc.

  • Bring outside food and beverages.

  • Bring pets or animals, unless it’s a service animal. 

  • Bring glitter, confetti, rose petals, or other items that will be tossed in the air.

  • Move or remove structures that are part of the ranch—such as benches, displays, signs, fences, etc.

  • Throw pumpkins on the floor. If a pumpkin cracks or breaks during your session, you will be charged for the pumpkin. 

  • Move or rearrange pumpkins from the walls of the pumpkin house or any other photo displays. 


  • Be courteous and polite to all T-Ranch visitors and customers.

  • Be respectful of the natural environment and the vegetation we are growing.

  • Use care and caution around landscaping.

  • Carry props, if any, to your photoshoot location. ​Wagons for hauling equipment are permitted. All vehicles must remain in the parking lot. 

  • Remove all props upon departure. All trash produced during your session must be taken off-site. This includes displays that are not owned by the T-Ranch or other objects used during sessions. We do not allow the disposal of photo props on site. 

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